Our Atelier

Welcome to our atelier. This is where garments are individually hand-crafted and brought to life. 

Jaste The Label aims to encourage as many people as possible to shop ethically and sustainably, and shop slow-fashion. As we produce our garments one by one, this gives us the opportunity to perfect each piece. We guarantee that each garment reflects the attention to detail that goes into it’s production. We pride ourselves on our quality. 

During production of every garment, they go through a long process which involves cutting, sewing, hand-stitching, pressing and more. Each garment is individually quality checked before being shipped to the client.


We offer a personal shopping experience as we handcraft each garment according to the measurements provided by the client. When placing an order, we request that our clients make note of their height, so we can make their outfit the perfect length, just for them. 

Proudly made and designed in-house, in Australia.