Custom Orders

Updated on 01/08/22.

Custom Colours

Custom orders typically have a turnaround of 30 days.

Love one of our pieces and wish it came in a different colour? Then you're in luck!

We provide colour customisation on most of our designs. Our pieces can be customised into any colour of your choice, provided that they are available at our fabric suppliers. 

To customise the colour, simply send us an email with which of our design you would like to change the colour of, and include your colour preference. We can customise our designs into any colour, unless it is un-available at the time. 

Colour Customisation additional charge: $20

This fee may change depending on the fabric.

Email for customised colour enquiries.


Custom Sizing

Have trouble finding perfectly fitting clothing? Troubles begone!

If you have no luck finding clothes that fit perfectly, we can adjust the sizing of any of our pieces according to your accurate measurements. The measurements we need from you is bust, waist, hip and height measurements. 

Size Customisation additional charge: $20

Email for custom sizing enquiries.


IMPORTANT: Please note colour customised and custom sized pieces are not eligible for returns or refunds as they are made specifically for the client and the client's personal preferences and measurements. 


Custom Order Examples:


These are some images of previous custom orders. The colours were chosen by the client.

Custom Amazonite Set in Burnt Orange

Custom Amazonite Set in Yellow 

Custom Amazonite Set in Blue 

Custom Amazonite Set in Baby Blue

Custom Amazonite Set in Lilac

Custom Exotica Dress In Ivory 

Custom Exotica Dress in Pink

Custom Exotica Dress in Red (photos taken with flash)

Custom Exotica Dress in Blue (photo on the right taken with flash)

Custom Fire Opal Set in Brown

Custom Infinity Set in Teal 

Custom Infinity Set in Blue/Green